Creative writing is a magical method of communication which allows one to express the simplest thoughts with a divine eloquence

About 1979 I wrote my first creative piece.  It was a simple piece of work for a class assignment.  That piece was published in a book for our class.

It is dark
You can hear the dripping of the water
And the long stalactites hanging
From a red ceiling.
The light reflects
And dances on the cool, wet surfaces of the roof
And looks like glitter.

At that time in my life, I did not know that creative writing would become a strength and an outlet for my inner thoughts.  Since that time, I have written over 200 pieces.  Some are simple poems and some are lyrical.  Other works are descriptive stories written in a poetic structure.

Creative writing - whether it is song, poetry, prose, short or long story - is an outlet for the inner being, a voice that speaks out in parable and riddle, yet it can also be a powerful method of communicating to the world around you.  Creative writing can also be a therapy, relieving stress and allowing the mind to focus.

Here are some original pieces that I have written.  These pieces should provoke thought as they are intended to urge the reader to think.